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I am not a professional writer.  I am a retired military man in my mid to late seventies.  I write because I have many wonderful and meaningful life experiences.  They are valuable to me and I treasure them.  I want to remember them, record them, and share them.  I hope they will be of value to others, and especially to my family.  I do not write these posts in any particular order.  I write them randomly as the thoughts and memories come to me, and as I gain new insights.  (Please note: at times, I may move a timely or more relevant thought to the top of this list.)   These are mostly my thoughts, many of which are very personal.  I write and shared them sincerely from my heart.  In addition, I have included many favorite quotes from great thinkers and writers.  These are insights I believe and cherish.  I write from the perspective of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   I consider myself a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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A Prophet’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon
A Rabbi takes on the Book of Mormon
The Abrahamic Covenant and the Gospel
The Doctrine of Christ (Full Version with PowerPoint)
The Doctrine of Christ – A Simple Diagram
Faith in God unto Life and Salvation
God’s Great Plan of Salvation
The Law of Consecration
Receiving Answers to our Prayers
Become the person God wants you to be!
“Endure it Well” in Righteousness
Hope in the Future
Our Home: “a Holy Place!”
The People of the Book of Mormon
Linguistic Hebraisms in The Book of Mormon
Looking Back on 2020 and 2021
Some Christmas Favorites
A Little Child Shall Lead Them!
A Hummingbird in My Palm
Home Insights from “Mister Mom!”
Food Shopping, Management, and Storage 
Protecting Children and Youth
Always Love Your Children
My Life with Animals
Horse Lessons
Another Horse Lesson
Honza Bláha Horsemanship
The True Story of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Proclamation
What Should I Be Doing?
Choose Wisely this Season
We Shall Have Tribulation
Overcoming “Roadblocks” to Reading the Book of Mormon
Examples of Answers to Prayers
A Pattern for Praying unto the Father
Why and How to Study the Holy Scriptures
Why and How to Record Your Thoughts
Sacrament Service in our Home
Carpe Diem
Holy Phrases and Holy Principles
Come Unto God!
The Condescension of God
Am I Still Relevant?
A Remission of our Sins
Patience is a Virtue
Animals in the Afterlife
Planets in Alignment
Three Personal Insights
Kitchen Clean-Up!
Immediate Blessings
God’s Vast Universe
Our Enormous “Red Supergiant”
The Lord will Come to His Holy Temples
Avoid Horror and Evil
Teaching Our Children
Thoughts on the Holy Ghost
Why Do I Get Up Early?
Child Reverence in the Chapel
Growing Old: A Personal Perspective
Fishing Lessons Under the Golden Gate Bridge
Untether the Phone
I Like Checklists!
Thank you for Introducing me to the Gospel!
A Pattern for Receiving Revelation
My Testimony of this Life and the Plan of Salvation
Early to Bed, Early to Rise!
A Personal Blessing from an Apostle of Jesus Christ
We’ve Witnessed a Miracle
Faith and Charity
Keeping the Commandments
Maybe We Should Pray!
The Book of Enoch
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Jerusalem and the End Days

Please noteI sincerely appreciate all appropriate comments to these blog pages and thoughts.  I read them all!  Sadly, I am not able to respond to every entry.  Responding to each comment can be overwhelming.  However, I will continue to respond when I can, and as necessary.  I just cannot guarantee a response to all comments.  Also, for security reasons, I do screen all comments and strip out any URLs; plus, I remove any inappropriate and/or suggestive language.  Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for your kindness, your understanding, and your support.  Thank you, Scott


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