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What Should I Be Doing?
Choose Wisely this Season
We Shall Have Tribulation
Overcoming “Roadblocks” to Reading the Book of Mormon
Answers to Prayers
Pray unto the Father
Why and How to Study the Holy Scriptures
The People of the Book of Mormon
My Life with Animals
Carpe Diem
Some Christmas Favorites
Holy Phrases and Holy Principles
Come Unto God!
The Condescension of God
Am I Still Relevant?
A Remission of our Sins
Patience is a Virtue
Animals in the Afterlife
Planets in Alignment
Three Personal Insights
Kitchen Clean-Up!
Immediate Blessings
God’s Vast Universe
The Lord will Come to His Holy Temples
Avoid Horror and Evil
Teaching Our Children
Thoughts on the Holy Ghost
Why Do I Get Up Early?
Child Reverence in the Chapel
The Doctrine of Christ
Growing Old: A Personal Perspective
Fishing Lessons and Memories
Untether the Phone
I Like Checklists!
Thank you for Introducing me to the Gospel!
A Pattern for Receiving Revelation
My Testimony of this Life and the Plan of Salvation
Early to Bed, Early to Rise!
A Personal Blessing from an Apostle of Jesus Christ
“We’ve Witnessed a Miracle”
Faith and Charity
Keeping the Commandments
Maybe We Should Pray!
“Endure” in Righteousness


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