Avoid Horror and Evil

Some things in life are better off left unseen: the realities of war; the accidental horrors of real life; or sometimes, the manufactured evil or grotesque scenes in an explicit film.  These types of events can leave negative and lasting impressions on our minds.  Many are often unavoidable, especially if you are a first responder, or if you are somehow involved in the event.

However, if you are just a “standby observer,” watching these events on the sidelines is usually not healthy.  We may find (or think) there are some “redeeming qualities” that make an event worth watching.  However, that is usually not the case.  Fortunately, as observers, we usually have the power to avoid or minimize our exposure to these scenes (change the channel, turn away, walk out, or just walk away).  However, sometimes when these scenes come before our eyes, we are often curious, then intrigued, and finally tempted to continue watching.  In the end, our brain takes pictures that our mind can’t easily erase.  And, we will have lasting bad memories that will no doubt affect us emotionally and be hard to forget.

“Life is a stage,” and we don’t always know what will come out from behind the curtain and into our view.  Much of what we see is wonderful.  But occasionally, we are exposed to the evil or morbid side of life.  We can’t always control what we will see.  Images flash before our eyes and leave lasting impressions.  However, we do have the power to avoid or minimize our exposure to their influence.  Knowing when to turn away is wisdom!  If you do not turn away, there is often regret.

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