The People of the Book of Mormon

I am a visual and hands-on learner.  I can learn a subject much more quickly if I have something to look at (e.g., objects, diagrams, and maps), touch with my hands (hands-on), and be able to read about the subject.  I am usually a good listener, too.  So, verbal instructions also help.  I do much better if I have multiple types of input.

That said, I have created a simplified map of the People of the Book of Mormon.  It is a relatively accurate tool that helps me as I read the Book of Mormon.  I want to share this tool with anyone who may be interested.  It is NOT meant to represent a precise or realistic map of Book of Mormon lands.  It is just a simple diagram attempting to depict the movement of key groups of people, significant locations and places, and other important events mentioned in the Book of Mormon record.  I have also included many estimated event dates as recorded in the Book of Mormon.  These dates help to see the probable chronological order and an estimated sequence.  Please note, this map ONLY represents events that occurred before the missionary journeys of Alma (the Younger), Amulek, and the sons of Mosiah.  I have NOT attempted to diagram the “war chapters,” nor have I attempted to diagram the glorious events surrounding the marvelous visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ to the righteous Nephite people (3 Nephi 9-30).  Again, this is just a simple diagram, and it is not to scale.  It only shows the relative period and associations of the key groups, places, and events, as mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  It was helpful for me to sort out these events, and I hope it will be of some use to you (and to others) as you immerse yourself in the study of this inspired work of scripture..

NoteYou are also welcome to click on this link “Suggested Map Timeline” to open and see a useful Book of Mormon Timeline Chart.  You can then print it off and refer to it as you read the Book of Mormon.  It’s also a helpful tool as you read along in the Book of Mormon and follow the diagram and PowerPoint Presentation below.  Just click on the link above and print it off for quick reference.

Graphic #1: A Simple Diagram

Graphic #2: A PowerPoint Presentation:

If you would like to view an interactive PowerPoint Presentation illustrating a sequential timeline of historic Book of Mormon events, please click Book of Mormon Events Presentation, or on the link below.   When you do, an executable link will be placed at the bottom of your screen (lower left corner).  Then, when you subsequently click on that executable link, the initial PowerPoint screen will open.  At that point, you can either save the document to your computer and view the presentation, or just begin to view the presentation (by clicking on the symbol at the bottom right side of the PowerPoint screen).  Note: When finished, click on the X in the upper right corner of the PowerPoint screen to close and return to this page.

Here’s the link to the presentation: Book of Mormon Events Presentation

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