Am I Still Relevant?

I must be old, retired …or, both!  I’ve noticed that much of my mail is either junk mail or bank and medical account statements.  Likewise, most of my email and text messages are either a notification (or confirmation) of a financial transaction; or, they’re a reminder or confirmation that I’ve either had or will have a medical appointment.

Frankly, I don’t think I’m broke or sick; but, it’s nice that at least some people out there still want to keep in touch.

Lately, I’ve also been wondering about all those surveys I get.  Anymore, it seems you can’t do anything, but someone wants you to complete a survey.  And why do I get so many surveys?  Maybe I am still relevant?  Do all these people honestly want my opinion?  Probably not; …and, that’s okay!

For me, the people I most want to keep in touch with are my family and friends.  Sometimes, I wish they’d reach out more often.  But that’s okay, too!  I know we all love each other, but we’re all equally swamped (or distracted).  However, when my family and friends start sending me surveys, then I will begin to worry.

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Author: saedgar

This website is a collection of many subjects and thoughts that are important to me, and some insights I’ve learned “...along the way.” I think of myself as just a simple man with a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel. But, I have lived (and continue to live) an extraordinary and enjoyable life. I've tried to share some highlights here. I have so many good memories. (SAE)

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