“Some Christmas Favorites”

Merry Christmas …Mele Kalikimaka!!

The Christ Child: A Nativity Story

Click HERE to watch this unique depiction of the Nativity story.  It recounts in beautiful detail the sacred events recorded in the Holy Bible, which describes the birth of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. This is a beautiful and inspiring video of the events surrounding the Birth of the Christ Child.

The Inn Keeper’s Forgotten Carol: “Let him In”

Click HERE to listen and watch this beautiful song and video telling the imaginary sorrow and regret of “the Inn Keeper” who turned Joseph and Mary away.  It is an inspiring message inviting all of us to allow Christ into our lives.  (Music by: Michael McLean)

The Saint Nicholas Day Celebration

Click HERE to learn about this seasonal Gift-Giving tradition.  Learn about the legend of St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas).  Then, share the legend with your children.   This European tradition dates back to the 4th Century AD.

Good King Wenceslas

Click HERE to listen to this inspiring Musical tail as told by Jane Seymour and the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.  It’s a Christmas Carol originally published in 1853 relating the story of a benevolent Bohemian King (King Wenceslas) on a journey, braving harsh winter weather, to bring an abundance of food and joy to a poor peasant family on the occasion of the Feast of Stephen.”   Also, Click HERE to read the full poetic tail of “Good King Wenceslas.”

Musical Adventures for Young People

Click HERE to listen to this whimsical clock music from “a clockmaker’s workshop” (after hours).  Music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Fun music that will inspire a child’s imagination!  When my children were young, they loved dancing about the Livingroom to this joyful music.  Enjoy!

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