Early to Bed, Early to Rise!

Over the past several years, I find I’m getting up earlier in the morning …and, I actually like it.  This all started about the time I changed my eating habits and began to lose a little weight.  It’s funny, I now find it easier to go to bed early at night, I’m sleeping much better, and I have more energy for each new day.  In addition, I believe this has increased my productivity during the day.  I look forward to getting up early each day, saying my prayers, reading good books, pondering, and meditating.

The routine boils down to the following:
          • Go to bed early each night (about the same time each day).
          • Get up “early” each morning (that is, “Don’t Sleep in!”).
          • Exercise and/or stretch for a short period (you decide).
          • Get cleaned up (e.g., shave, shower, and dress in clean clothes).
          • Go to a preselected quiet place in your home (i.e.; a quiet place/a special place).
          • Kneel and subdue your spirit before Heavenly Father.
          • Talk with God in a reverent, prayerful, terms (be open and honest).
          • When finished, wait briefly for possible Spiritual inspiration and guidance.
          • When you’re ready, begin to read and ponder the holy scriptures.  As you read, anticipate inspiration from the Holy Spirit.
          • After you have read sufficiently, continue to sit quietly in your spot and meditate for a short while on the thoughts and feelings you’ve received; and consider some of your blessings and challenges ahead.

(Note: When you find the “right” place in your home, it is wise to return to that same spot each time you study and pray.  So, make it a routine to return to your “special place” for private prayer, study and meditation.)

I have discovered the wisdom of what we read in the scriptures, “…retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated.” (D&C 88:124)

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