“All I Have (Dawson’s Creek)”

“All I Have is all I Need”

Written and Performed by Beth Nielsen Chapman.

Please NoteThe first time I heard this beautiful and tender song was in the Spring and Summer of 1984 while shopping at the Smith’s Food King Grocery Store in Bountiful, Utah.  During my weekly shopping visits to the store, I would often heard the song played over the store’s sound system.  At the time, I didn’t recognize the singer, nor did I know the name of the song she was singing.  Each time I heard this tender song playing, I would stop, listen, and try to make out some of the lyrics.  What stuck in my mind most was the phrase “…in the Harbor of each others arms.”  It was (and is today) a meaningful phase to me.  This was in the early days and months following the sudden and sad death of my dear sweet wife, my Jenny Marie.  To me, this is a beautiful song of sincere love and trust.

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