Hope in the Future!

A personal observation from both a physical and a spiritual perspective:

Not knowing of God, or having a limited understanding of Him and His Great and Eternal Plan for His children, is often the cause of great fear in this life and a lack of hope in the future. If we find ourselves in that difficult and desperate condition, we may also notice our spiritual commitment and resilience is weakened, especially during times of tribulation.

God our Eternal Father in Heaven is alive and well! He truly is our loving Heavenly Father, and He is literally the Father of our Spirits. We knew Him in our pre-mortal spirit existence. He knows us and loves us, His children …and, He has a Great and Eternal Plan for our Happiness. Do we truly and deeply understand that?

God has asked us to pray to Him, study His Holy Scriptures, and hear Him! One of the greatest blessings of prayerful and personal scripture study is the comfort we gain from a better understanding of God, His love for us, and His Great and Eternal Plan of Salvation. Faithfully studying the Holy Scriptures will invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, increase our knowledge and understanding of Him and His Plan, will draw us closer to Him, and will bring us Hope for a Glorious Future! The Hope we seek, and gain, is a gift from God. In a very practical sense, Hope is a biproduct of our sincere Faith and understanding of God and our charity for others. Our Faith in God will grow as we learn of Him and draw near to Him. In so doing, we will have greater Hope in the Future!

(Please click on this link and watch a short, inspiring video from an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.)

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