Holy Phrases and Holy Principles

As I read the Holy Scriptures, I occasionally spot key phrases that help direct my attention to Holy and Eternal principles.  You’ve probably seen them, too.  They often reoccur and act as “attention getters” pointing our minds towards important guiding principles in our spiritual journey.  Phrases like: “thus saith the Lord…”, “thus we see…”, “further light and knowledge”, “this thing is a type” or even “Stand in Holy Places” are examples.  When we see or read these and other common phrases, they can be like signposts alerting us to what’s ahead, or what we need to consider.  They should not be passed over lightly as we rush through our daily scripture reading.  They should catch our attention and alert our senses to important recorded principles as we study.  When guided by the Holy Spirit, they can help to enlighten our understanding and prepare us for further instruction (further light and knowledge).

I like highlighting and making notes on these types of phrases.  They help me.  Some who read this may describe the practice as an example of my “Concrete, Sequential” behavior.  Others may say I suffer from an “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” (OCD).  Be that as it may, I don’t think of my behavior as a disorder.  I just go with it and enjoy the results.  It stimulates my thinking, guides my thoughts, invites the influence of the Holy Spirit, and helps me to remember.  They often help to focus my attention.  I find it a way to better understand what I read.  My reading feels more meaningful and more productive.

Anyway, I plan to take even more active notice of these phrases and write them down here (on this page) for further and future reference.  I have started with a shortlist, but I’ll add to it as I spot and identify additional Holy phrases.

PEASE NOTE:  If you are interested in adding or building onto this list, I would enjoy seeing what you may have found.  And with your permission, I would be happy to add any additional key scriptural phrases to this growing list.  Please just write them down in an e-mail and send your inputs to me at: [email protected].  Thank you for your input and insights.

Here is my current list (sorted alphabetically):

A Covenant People
A Principle with a Promise
Act under the direction of the Spirit
Align with the Brethren
An Infinite Atonement
Become a disciple of Jesus Christ
Become more like the Savior
Belief in God “Eases the fear of death”
Build Faith and Strengthen Testimonies
Cast Satan out
Clean as you go!
Come Follow Me
Come unto Jesus
Do the Spiritual preparation
Endure well …to the end (in righteousness)
Faith in Jesus Christ
Fasting and Prayer
Filled with joy
Follow the Prophet
Gentle in what you do.  Firm in how you do it
Go up to the Temple
Have Faith in Jesus Christ
Hear Him!
His hand is stretched out still
Hold to the Rod
Holiness to the Lord
Home-centered and Church-supported Gospel Learning
Honor your Covenants
Immerse yourself in Scripture Study
It was an exclamation, not an editorial comment
Lead like the Savior
Lift up your heads forever
Liken the Scriptures unto you
Look to the Temple
Make and Honor Sacred Covenants
Never-ending Happiness
Obey the Commandments
Peace of conscience.
Put in them their Spirits
Put on the whole Armor of God
Read the Holy Scriptures
Remain True and Faithful
Repent and be converted
Retain a remission of your sins
Sanctify yourselves
Seek further Instructions
Seek further Light and Knowledge
Seek ye diligently the Kingdom of God
Stand in Holy Places
Stand spotless before the Lord
Stand with Confidence
Stay on the Covenant Path
Teach in the Savior’s Way
The Atonement of Jesus Christ
The Covenant Path
The Doctrine of Christ
The Gathering of Israel
The Greater Light
The Holy One of Israel
The Hope of Israel
The Light of Christ
The Love of God
The Plan of Salvation
The Second Coming
The Words of Eternal Life
They shall not be ashamed that wait for Me
This thing is a Type
Thus saith the Lord…
Thus we see…
To be Spiritually minded is Life Eternal
True and faithful
Whatever He says, Do It!

(To Be Continued!)

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