Why Do I Get Up Early?

Too often, the transition from restful slumber to “awake and standing” is met with resistance.  Getting out of bed early in the morning can be a challenge, especially when you have important intervening variables to manage: such as children, school and work.  However, as you grow older, these variables begin to fade, and you begin to have more control over your personal life.

I’d like to share my growing love and appreciation for awakening and getting up early in the morning.  I honestly like and look forward to getting up early each day.  But, I haven’t always felt that way.  This has been a learned appreciation.  It did not come naturally.  At first, getting up was by necessity; but over time, it was by choice.  I observed there were two important truths about waking up:  1) it is always easier to get up when I have something positive to look forward to.  So, I made it a point each night before bed, to review my calendar for the next day, and to ponder about my opportunities.  And, 2) I realized, after getting out of bed, there was rarely more than about a five minute transition period between slumber and fully awake.  So, I determined to always stand straight up when the alarm goes off, take a deep breath, and step away from the bed (do not sit back down on the bed).  Within five minutes (or less), I was thinking clearly and ready to get on with my morning.

My personal preference is to awake and arise at 5:00 am.  That is normally before sunrise.  The world is dark and peaceful; and, there is a quiet and growing anticipation of morning light.  I have found it to be a calm and magical time.  It energizes me for the new day; and, I feel much more spiritually sensitive at that quiet time.  These are definitely spiritual moments that make getting up early well worth the effort. Perhaps, the only possible downside to getting up early is the need to go to bed early the night before.  However, going to bed early each day also has many additional advantages.  (Maybe I should write about that sometime.)

Anyway, in addition to the blessings mentioned above, getting up early in the morning also has many “practical” benefits.   Some of these benefits include:

      • You avoid some of those dumb, unrealistic, nonsense dreams that usually occur shortly before you wake up.
      • You enjoy that valuable and peaceful “quiet time” in the morning.
      • You control your natural body and put your mind and spirit in charge.
      • You get personal time each day to quietly contemplate, ponder, meditate and plan your day.
      • You give yourself time each day to prepare for your stewardship and your mission/work/life.
      • You allow yourself time to peacefully approach your Heavenly Father (at a regular time and place) to offer up your love and gratitude to Him in prayer, and to ask for daily guidance.
      • You train your body and mind to focus and be ready to receive “Further Light and Knowledge.”
      • You open your heart and mind to receive revelation and guidance from the Holy Spirit.
      • You allow quality time to prayerfully read and study the Holy Scriptures.
      • You allow time in the morning for a little physical exercise.

So, there you have it.  Getting up early in the morning is a gift basket to yourself.  In the basket you’ll find several positive benefits: including greater spiritual growth, an increase of Light and Knowledge, better organization and preparation for the day, more productivity, greater self-esteem, increased awareness and insight, a longer day, a healthier life, and a far better and more optimistic outlook on the day.

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