The Largest Known Star in our Universe!

Our “Red Supergiant”

The largest known Star in our Universe is so massive that it makes our own Sun look microscopic in comparison.  For context, our own Sun is 1.4 Million KM in Diameter, and 1.3 Million planet Earths could fit within it.  Although 1.3 million seems like an enormous number, it is only a tiny percentile of the amount of suns that could fit within the largest star in our Universe.  This giant star is named “Stevenson 2-18”, and it has a diameter of 3 Billion KMs.

This enormous star is referred to as a “Red Supergiant” and is about 1,815, 000.000 miles in diameter.  In comparison, our own Sun is 865, 000 miles in diameter and 1.3 million Planet Earths can fit within our Sun.

Stevenson 2-18 has a diameter of 3 Billion KMs and it can fit 9.9 billion Suns within this giant star.