“What is in and Beyond our Universe?”

A very interesting presentation!  However, this audio-video subject goes well beyond my limited ability to fully understand the vastness of the known universe, nor what lies beyond.  Astrophysicists (much smarter and wiser than me) have studied these things, applied their scientific findings, and postulated what exists beyond the probable/known edge of our universe.  Their findings are well studied, well organized, and well thought out.  The video presentation here is very intriguing, and the graphic images are amazing.  This is a brilliant presentation based on amazing scientific studies, and accompanied by great supporting graphics.

However, from my religious perspective, I do not subscribe completely to the so called “Big Bang Theory.”  In our premortal existence (before our physical birth into this life), God our Eternal Heavenly Father (aka Elohim), and His Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ (aka Jehovah), planned and created the Heavens, the Universe, and the Earth we live on.  I believe all mankind, born on this Earth, were first born spiritually, as begotten sons and daughters of God, our Eternal Heavenly Father, in our pre-existent life.  We were spiritually born of our Heavenly Father.  And subsequently, all mankind have been born “physically” on this Earth to our Earthly Parents.