Untether the Phone

I used to enjoy the convenience of having a mobile phone.  It was great to have instant access to my family …and, the world.  With it, I could always be in contact with family, friends, and clients.  I had instant access to my e-mail messages, all my contacts, current weather reports, the news, and maps.  I even received health and fitness tips via my smartphone.  And amazingly, I also had instant access to all my personal data files in “the Cloud.”  I was digitally in control of what I thought were the most important elements of my life.

Not long ago, I decided to upgrade to a newer “smart” phone.  I selected what I thought would be the best phone for my needs.  Unfortunately, within just a few months, I began having annoying troubles.  The phone would regularly freeze up when I was in the middle of messaging.  I had to restart the device before I could continue.  It also began overheating; so much so I couldn’t keep it in my pocket.  I’ve taken the phone in several times for service, but with no success.  The service techs have tried to identify and resolve the problems, but thus far they’ve been unsuccessful.  At some point, each would say something like “we no longer support this phone,” and/or “we’ve had no training on this phone.”

Finally, I got to where I couldn’t deal with the problems anymore.  So, I deliberately left the phone in my truck (plugged into the charger).  It was just too unreliable, and it was usually too hot to touch.

Having untethered myself from the phone, I soon realized I could get much more work done.  I am no longer interrupted or distracted by annoying text message beeps, instant messaging apps, unsolicited sales calls, and social media pings.  They continued to stream into my phone and get added to the long, never-ending list of incoming messages, but I am no longer constantly being interrupted by them.  I’m more relaxed and in control of my personal life.  Yes, the phone continues to accumulate all the messages and data, but I just wait until I actually have time to review the traffic.  Also, by waiting for a “convenient” moment, I found I’m more focused and can quickly scan the seemingly endless lists and rapidly delete the meaningless and/or irrelevant items in bulk.  I am much more productive in all aspects of life.  I control the phone; it doesn’t control me.  Now I just need to figure out a way my wife can contact me when my phone is in the truck.

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Author: saedgar

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