“A Message of Peace and Hope …in Christ!”

Please watch this uplifting video message above.  Then, read the brief message below concerning the Atonement and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is “the Prince of Peace!”  He has atoned for the sins and transgressions of all mankind who will repent, “Come unto Him …and follow Him!”  He is the Great Jehovah of the Old Testament (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), the Light and Life of the Worldour Savior and Redeemerthe Resurrected and Glorified Eternal Son of God the Father, the Living and Eternal God of Heaven and Earth.  Through His gift of the Atonement and His Resurrection from death, Jesus Christ has redeemed all mankind from the Fall of Adam, and He has overcome death for all.  Because of Jesus Christ, we can have Hope and Peace in this life and Joy in the glorious and Eternal Worlds to come …without End!

What “we” must do is: Learn of Him; repent of our transgressions; and, follow Him!  He will prepare and glorify all who will forsake their sins, overcome the world, and follow Him and His teachings.  Jesus Christ is literally the “Chosen One” of God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Holy One of Israel, and the Holy Messiah.  It is Christ who has taken upon Himself the sins and transgression of all who will repent and come unto Him.  Jesus Christ is literally, the only “Chosen and Beloved Son” of the Living God of the Universe, “God the Eternal Father.”  Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God the Father in the Flesh.

The whole of humanity are “spiritually” born of God the Father in our pre-earthly existent life.  We were all spirit children of God the Father (Elohim) in our pre-existent life (in Heaven).  In this life, we were born (or will be) of Earthly (physical) parent.  During our conception and birth in our mothers’ whoms, our spirits were united with our Earthly bodies of flesh.  However, after our eventual physical death in this life (that is, our mortal death), our spirits shall return to the heavenly realms and we will await the reuniting of our bodies and spirits (the resurrection).  Prior to the glorious resurrection, our physical bodies (i.e, our remains) will be placed in earthly graves …to decay, and our spirit bodies will return to the “heavenly” realm of spirits to await the glorious resurrection and be born again. (Note: I am certain, there will be much work to be done in the Spirit World!  Be assured, we will not be just sitting around as spirits, waiting patiently to be resurrected!)

Because of Jesus Christ, we will all (eventually) be resurrection.  Our individual spirits and bodies will be reunited as one “in the glorious resurrection.”  And, the multitude of all mankind will stand before the great bar of Judgement, and the Great Judge of Heaven and Earth, even Jesus the Christ, will Judge all mankind with His perfect and righteous judgement.  Ultimately, we will all join the hosts and Kingdoms of Heaven, in various levels of Eternal Glory, depending upon our various and individual degrees of worthiness (righteousness) and preparation …as determined by the Great Judge of Heaven and Earth, our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!

(NOTEThis overly simplified message above on this very complex and sacred matter was prepared by Scott A. Edgar.  Please ponder on it and make it a matter of sincere personal prayer.)