Climate Lies

Tucker Carlson discusses the so called “Climate Change” with Dr. Willie Soon (an astro physicist and scientist) who spent 31 years studying this subject at Harvard University.

The full interview was about _____.  However, I found the final segment most intriguing.  It is a personal discussion about Dr. Soon’s religious beliefs.  It is very interesting to me.


Powerful Rebuttal to the ‘Dark Choir Voices’


Honza Bláha and His Horsemanship

This is truly a gifted horseman and his loyal, trusting, and beautiful friends.  I have watched Honza Bláha’s demonstrations at several venues in various locations around the world.  He and his horses are inspirational.  This video is one of my favorites!  I can watch it over and over.  It amazes me!  I always knew my houses loved me, but Honza has taking horsemanship to a much higher level than I knew.

Honza Bláha was born in a small village in the Czech Republic. He has  always been fascinated by horses, even more so than people! At the age of nine, he began to take riding lessons. Years later, Honza bought his first horse, Gaston.

And so the amazing story began, Gaston changed not only Honza’s life, but also the lives of many people around horses all over the world. Honza and Gaston opened a new chapter of riding and relationship between horse and man.

With Gaston, he developed groundwork and riding without the use of any reins, lead ropes or whips.  He found trust in “LineFree” horsemanship without the horse’s need to escape or run away.  Most people cannot even imagine such a connection.  They ask…  How it is possible, that the horse never leaves you?

Be sure to watch (and enjoy) the demonstration video above of Honza Bláha and his noble, trusting, and loyal heard.

(Note: You can enlarge the video by hovering over the lower right corner of the image and clicking on the square enlargement box.)  

“Line Free” Horse Training

Watch these next videos to hear and learn more about Honza Bláha’s “LineFree” horsemanship techniques (these are Honza with his beautiful horse,  Scaramouche).  The videos are enjoyable to watch!

I love these videos!  Honza is so normal and kind in his presentations.  And clearly, his horses love him.  Honza is a gifted horseman and has amazing “Horsesense!”  His skills and kindness are inspiring to me, and at time he makes me laugh with joy.  Horses are truly a gift to us from our God!  They have been an important/vital part of human existence throughout world history.  And, they continue to play an important role in our lives.  Plus, wherever you see them, they always make the land more beautiful.